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8 Day Tanzania Highlight Safari Package

Explore Tanzania on this amazing 8 day safari package. Stay in luxury accommodations. Travel in style with one of our expert tour guides. Have the experience of a lifetime! See the big 5 and many african animals in their natural habitat. Contact us today to book or hear from one of our expert travel operators instantly by clicking on our live WhatsApp plug in below.

Upon your arrival at Kilimanjaro International Airport, you will be warmly welcomed and assisted by a representative from Reliable Tours. Once you’ve completed customs and immigration procedures, you will be transferred to your city hotel for check-in. Enjoy dinner and spend the night at the hotel.


After breakfast check out. Drive to Lake Manyara National Park with picnic lunches driving via Makuyuni and Mto wa Mbu village. Enjoy game viewing in this park known for its compact size but rich biodiversity. The combination of wildlife, scenic beauty, and unique tree-climbing lions makes it a memorable addition to a Tanzanian safari itinerary

The park is known for its scenic beauty, with the lake itself serving as a picturesque backdrop to the wildlife-rich surroundings. The park is situated at the base of the Rift Valley escarpment, providing a diverse landscape of forests, acacia woodlands, grassy plains and the lake. The park is also famous for its unique population of tree-climbing lions. While not all lions in the park exhibit this behavior, it’s not uncommon to spot them resting on the branches of acacia trees, providing an unusual and exciting safari experience. There is a healthy population of elephants and buffaloes. You may encounter these majestic animals grazing or moving through the park’s diverse habitats. Giraffes and zebras are also common sightings. The park has several hippo pools where these semi-aquatic mammals can be observed wallowing in the water or resting on the banks. Their grunts and splashes add to the park’s vibrant soundscape. Apart from the waterfowl around the lake, the park is home to a wide array of bird species, including raptors, hornbills, and colorful songbirds. Proceed to the lodge for check and spend the rest of the evening at leisure. Dinner and overnight


After breakfast check out. Drive to the Serengeti National Park with picnic lunches. Serengeti National Park is renowned for its annual migration spectacle; each year, the open plains resonate with the rhythmic pounding of six million hooves, as a vast assembly of over 200,000 zebras and 300,000 Thomson’s gazelles accompanies the wildebeests on their journey in search of fresh grazing. It is also home to a thriving population of the “Big Five” – lions, elephants, buffaloes, leopards, and rhinoceros. Game drives provide excellent opportunities to spot these iconic and majestic animals in their natural habitat. This park is also known for its healthy populations of cheetahs and leopards. Skilled guides often know where to find these elusive big cats, and you might witness them hunting or resting in the shade. For bird lovers here is a birdwatcher’s paradise, with over 500 bird species recorded. Raptors, waterfowl, and colorful songbirds can be spotted throughout the park.

Check in and settle in. Dinner and overnight


Today you have an opportunity to experience a hot air balloon ride over the Serengeti offering a unique and tranquil way to appreciate the vastness and beauty of this remarkable ecosystem thus providing a memorable addition to your safari experience. Hot air balloons move gently with the wind, creating a serene and almost silent atmosphere. This allows you to absorb the beauty of the Serengeti in a peaceful and unobtrusive way. After an enchanting journey, the balloon descends for a gentle landing. Once safely on the ground, you are treated to a celebration with a traditional champagne toast and a bush breakfast served amid the Serengeti wilderness.

We will enjoy morning and afternoon game drives in this wonderful park. In the afternoon you can step back in time and visit the local Masai village: a unique cultural experience allowing you to interact with the local people. You will be greeted with a traditional Maasai welcome ceremony which often involves singing, dancing, and the rhythmic chanting of the Maasai people. Learn about their traditional clothing, jewelry, and beadwork, which often holds cultural significance and tells stories about the individual’s status, age, and even marital status.

Dinner and overnight at camp/lodge


Check out after breakfast. Depart and drive to Ngorongoro Crater with a delightful picnic lunch. Plunge into the depths of this magnificent crater, reaching an impressive 2000 feet. Widely regarded as the 8th wonder of the world, Ngorongoro Crater stands as the largest intact caldera globally, boasting a thriving ecosystem with abundant wildlife permanently residing on the crater floor.

As you make your way, make a captivating stop at Olduvai Gorge, an archaeological treasure trove where traces of pre-historic humans dating back 3.5 million years have been unearthed. Explore the on-site museum, offering insights into the rich history of the area, and marvel at the panoramic view of the historic excavation site.


We begin the day with an early breakfast. Depart and descend into the crater floor for another exciting game drive with picnic lunches. A game drive here offers a unique and diverse safari experience. You can expect to see the “Big Five,” which includes lions, elephants, buffaloes, leopards, and rhinoceros. Other notable animals include wildebeests, zebras, hippos, hyenas, and various species of antelope. The lions in the Ngorongoro Crater are known for their large size and impressive manes. The crater provides an excellent habitat for these majestic predators, and it’s common to spot them during a game drive. For bird enthusiasts, the crater is also a haven, with over 500 bird species recorded. The landscape within the crater is stunning, with its vast grasslands, acacia forests, and soda lakes. The panoramic views from the crater rim are breathtaking, and the scenery provides a picturesque backdrop to your wildlife encounters.

Afterward, return to the lodge and spend the afternoon at leisure, surrounded by stunning natural beauty. Enjoy dinner and spend the night at the lodge!


Begin the day with breakfast at the lodge followed by check-out. Drive to Arusha Coffee Lodge, indulge in a delectable meal set amidst the vibrant green gardens. Following lunch, you may have the opportunity to explore Shanga, a heartening local community social enterprise. This initiative empowers individuals with disabilities by providing employment opportunities, and it is here that they craft distinctive handmade gifts, adding a special touch to your visit. Depending on your travel plans, either transfer to Kilimanjaro Airport for your outbound flight or check in at a city hotel for day room use or overnight at an extra cost.

  • Ground transportation in 4×4 vehicle on safari with pop-up roof
  • Game drives & private safari experience
  • Accommodation as per itinerary
  • All meals during the safari
  • All park fees, government taxes and service charges
  • 1.5 litres bottled water per person per day on safari
  • 1 pair of binoculars and 2 photography bean bags in the vehicle
  • Services of an experienced English-speaking driver-guide
  • Custom safari map of Tanzania per group
  • Olduvai Gorge Visit

International & domestic flights


Tips and gratuities

Drinks (soft or alcoholic)

Visas and Travel insurance

Any items of a personal nature

It is not permitted to bring plastic bags into Tanzania and Zanzibar. Ziploc bags used for toiletries are still permitted.

Apply for your Tanzanian e-visa in advance.

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